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This page helps you see what Rotables we carry and how many we have in stock. You can browse through all stock, or enter/select search criteria for the Rotables of interest and press the search button. Searches are NOT case-sensitive (i.e., tl is treated the same as TL) and inclusive (i.e., 10- would find 10-3208-1 and 10-61792-4, etc.).

Part NumberDescriptionRequest Quote
0091520200-2VALVE, RESERVOIR VENTRequest Quote
0091520200-3VALVE, RESERVOIR VENTRequest Quote
019-012-001TRANS. HYD. RES.Request Quote
033638500BLOWERRequest Quote
0A112-0003-101SHROUD, TOILETRequest Quote
1008520-7-2VALVE, BALANCED RELIEFRequest Quote
1008520-7-2VALVE, BALANCED RELIEFRequest Quote
10-1733-1LIGHT, WINDOWRequest Quote
10-3208-1LANDING GEAR ACTUATOR.Request Quote
103642-3VALVERequest Quote
10-61792-4ACTUATOR HYD.Request Quote
107492-6REGULATOR, BLEED AIRRequest Quote
108032-10-1REGULATOR, AIR PRESSURERequest Quote
1081100-3ACTUATOR, HYD. NLG DOORRequest Quote
1111-0006-1LAV ASSY. OVERFILL SENSORRequest Quote
114122011ACTUATOR, MLG DOORRequest Quote
114122012MLG DOOR ACTUATORRequest Quote
1158B-2.6S5VALVE, FLOW REGULATINGRequest Quote
1171-13ASSY., CLEVIS (PRE SB 32-08)Request Quote
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